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The Benefits of Live Virtual Language Learning

Learn Spanish, Arabic, English or Mandarin Chinese Online

We live in a global society and learning a new language can be very beneficial in life. Thanks to the internet, there’s no longer a need to attend classes in person, you can virtually learn from anywhere. Live virtual language classes offered through online programs like ReDefiners World Languages can help you learn a new language like Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, or English at your own pace. These programs also offer low cost and flexible alternatives to in-person learning.

learn to speak arabic | ReDefiners World Languages
Stay Safe with Live Virtual Classes | ReDefiners World Languages

Learn from Anywhere

The beauty of learning a new language online means that you don’t have to go to the same classroom every day. You can connect to classes from home, a coffee shop, or wherever an internet connection is available. With live virtual classes, the instructor comes to you (virtually of course). This option also cuts down on transportation needs. You don’t have to physically go anywhere, so save the gas money and head to the living room for your class.

Unlimited Resources

An online course allows you to have unlimited resources at your fingertips. Hello, Internet! While taking a class, you can keep multiple tabs open to allow you to get more information about a specific word or phrase.

Small Class Sizes + Immersive Learning

When you enroll into an in-person learning program, some instructors opt to create a standard curriculum that focuses on everyone...not just one student. If you don’t understand something, it’s easy to fall behind in a sea of other students, especially if there are large class sizes. At ReDefiners World Languages, we offer small class sizes of 10 students or less. We also offer private language classes tailored to your specific needs. Unlike computer-generated online language classes, live virtual online classes offer an immersive experience. Live virtual learning means, learning in real-time. You can ask questions to the instructor and interact with others in the class.

Learn Mandarin Chinese | ReDefiners World Languages
8 Student Max Class Size | ReDefiners World Languages

Low Costs

Trying to learn a new language can be very expensive. Textbooks, transportation, additional tutoring, and the tuition can add up. Our online courses start at just $13.95 per class for group learning and just over $60 per week for private learning. Thanks to our community of donors we are proud to offer income-based scholarships for families looking to advance their language knowledge. We feel that no-one should be left behind when it comes to learning a new language.

Learn Spanish | ReDefiners World Languages
Pay What You Can Language Classes

We invite you to check out our Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, and English online language courses. Whether you are looking to enroll your child in a class , or you are looking to learn a new language yourself, our talented instructors are excited to help you embark on a new language adventure. Don’t wait, try a class for free today.

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