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ReDefiners World Languages

Enjoy acquiring a second language with our online and in-person classes for youth and adult learners. 

Learn English, Arabic, Mandarin or Spanish.

The hardest language in the world will be the easiest language to learn if you choose us!

Why learn a second language with us?

language teachers

Our great team of teachers specializes in language learning, which provides a unique, fun and engaging experience.

Official Certificate

Our curriculum meets the highest standards and it is certified by the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Native Speakers

Our teachers have native-like proficiency in the language they teach. This means you can easily learn the correct pronunciation and start speaking in the first class.

Enroll your children

You can get involved by enrolling your children or yourself in our programs. By doing this, you are helping those who cannot afford them!


Learn English Online

Take Online Classes with a real teacher and practice English in a course focused in real-world communication and conversation.