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What Makes Us Different?

From our approach to the passion behind our work, we are different. Our aim is to ReDefine when languages are introduced, how they are acquired and to increase who has access to high-quality language enrichment programs.




Languages are best learned in a natural and immersive atmosphere, therefore, we strive our best to replicate this environment for all of our students, regardless of the program or location.


Student Centered

Our classes are based upon researched best practices in language education, with an intentional focus on the individual learner. We know that each learner is unique and all learners have different learning styles, this is why we use a multimodal approach to guide our learners on their path towards multilingualism.


 Communication Focused

Languages are complex systems for communicating even more complex thoughts, feelings and concepts, right? Yes, but learning a language does not have to be as complex. Our goal is to develop your ability to communicate in a new language. No explicit grammar instruction, focus on memorizing random lists of words, just real language for real communication. 


Small Class Sizes

ReDefiners is redefining what education looks like, with small classes of 10 students or less. Each student is able to receive personalized attention and gain valuable feedback throughout the language learning process.

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ReDefiners is a non-profit organization that prides itself in being a pioneer in the early language education programming in Hillsborough County

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