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What we do & Whom we serve

Summer Spanish Immersion & Technology Program

This is a 4-week In-Person program open to K-5 grade students (ages 6-11) at the beginner-immediate level of Spanish. Those accepted will be among 20 students engaging in an immersive Spanish program with 120 hours of language and cultural enrichment that incorporates digital technology, including green screen technology and virtually transport to a Spanish speaking country. Participants will also build literacy skills, avoid the “summer slide,” and prepare to be global citizens.

The program is specially designed for children from ages 6-11, who are entering 1st - 6th grade with no previous summer program experience. We serve low-moderate household income families. It has income-based fees. 

Income-Based Pricing Qualifications:

  • Must qualify & receive Free/Reduced school meals. Medicaid Eligibility.

  • Reside in 33612, 33613 or 33617 Zipcodes

  • New Program Participant


After-Care Available: After-Care Fee not included in Income-Based Pricing Discounts & must be pre-registered on a weekly basis)

Transportation: No Pick-up Available; located on the HART Bus line; bus passes available upon request.

Online Programs

The Live Virtual Program is a fee-based language education program for learners across the United States and globally. It is a remote learning program with live synchronous group sessions designed to promote community, cultural competence and multilingualism. Through a series of progressive course offerings, students develop communication skills to help meet their goals, whether academic, personal or professional. Available languages of study include Arabic, English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.

In addition, the Test Prep Program is for learners who wish to study or work in an English speaking country and it includes IELTS and TOEFL test preparation courses. The program features include:

Meet weekly face-to-face with your teacher and classmates in a virtual classroom in highly interactive, immersive and engaging sessions that are designed to get students speaking quickly

Each class session is 60 minutes long (but feels much shorter) with lesson content available for review along with fun practice activities to reinforce learning between live sessions

These programs are specially designed for children from ages 5-11, adults, non-heritage & heritage learners and multi-level proficiency students across the world. All income levels accepted.

Multilingual Citizens Program

The Multilingual Citizens program offers in-person language courses aimed at developing skills critical to today’s workforce and enhancing opportunities for family connectedness through intergenerational courses. Adult and youth courses in English and Spanish are held throughout Hillsborough County at the Children’s Board Family Resource Centers.

The Multilingual Citizens Program is an evidenced-informed comprehensive in-person education program providing educational support for adults, parents/caregivers, youth, and school aged children while also enhancing opportunities to foster and develop social skills within families and communities throughout Hillsborough county.

The program is inclusive of 6 distinct courses:

1. ESOL 1- Basic Living

2. ESOL 2- Work & Finance

3. ESOL 3 -Healthy & Safety

4. Spanish Conversation Workshop for parents/caregivers

5. Spanish Conversation Workshop - class for youth for youth in 7th and 8th grade.

6. Let’s Learn Spanish/Arabic/Mandarin -intergenerational class for children and their parents/caregivers

The English courses prepares recent immigrants to be successful in Hillsborough county’s workforce by utilizing the Communicative framework for language acquisition with the aim of developing proficiency through progressive skill-building English courses centered around practical themes like job preparation - interviewing, resume writing, communicating in the office & navigating everyday resources within the community.

Similarly, the Spanish Conversation Workshop is aimed at developing communication skills for adults working with the Spanish speaking community, encouraging linguistic and intercultural competence. Both intergenerational courses are designed to expose participants to linguistic and cultural skill exploration while fostering healthy family social interactions. The MCP program is available at each of the seven Children's Board Family Resource Centers for adults, children and youth.

All curricular materials are aligned with World Readiness Standards for Language Learning, the American Council on Foreign Languages, the Common European Framework and the adult English curriculum aligns with standards for workforce development.


  • Resident of Hillsborough County

  • Parent/Caregiver of a child

  • Child ages 5-12 (Let's Learn Spanish)

Program Locations:



1271 Kingsway Rd.Brandon, FL 33510

(813) 740-4634​


Temple Terrace

5892 East Fowler Avenue

Temple Terrace, FL 33617

(813) 435-3032


North Tampa

116 West Fletcher Avenue

Tampa, FL 33612

(813) 558-1877


Plant City

301 North Palmer Street

Plant City, FL 33563

(813) 752-8700


South Tampa

3030 East College Avenue

Ruskin, FL 33570

(813) 641-5600


Central Tampa

1002 East Palm Avenue

Tampa, FL 33605

(813) 204-1741


Town N Country

7520 W. Waters Ave., # 8

Tampa, FL 33615

(813) 356-1703

Academic Achievers Program

ReDefiners World Languages' Academic Achievers Program is an intervention program designed to ensure children are reading at grade level in elementary school. Through personalized support for students, ReDefiners provides personalized 1:1 English literacy tutoring to children who have been deemed at risk of not meeting grade-level requirements. The goal of the program is to bridge the gap in academic performance by providing strategies and resources to engage parents/caregivers while boosting student confidence. We serve children in grades K-5th, including non-native English speakers. This program is free to children residing in Hillsborough county.


ReDefiners recruits AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers who are often bilingual in English and one of the following languages: Spanish or Arabic to serve as tutors and provide out-of-school-time learning support. These seniors, who are age 55 or older and from the Tampa Bay area, will leverage their skills and experience to equip and empower individuals in the U.S. to be multilingual global citizens. This program is free to children in K-5 grade in Hillsborough county. 


To better serve its community, ReDefiners is recruiting more than 66 new AmeriCorpsSeniors volunteers. Those interested in volunteering can sign up and learn more at:

Free Essential Items Distribution

Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month, ReDefiners serves its community in Tampa Florida with free essential items distributions. Partnering with Simple Healthcare, we provide free, essential items for families and seniors in need. A great part of our mission is to be there to help our neighbors and lovely community in Florida, not only to provide free items but to hold meaningful relations with our people and better understand their needs. 

We don't require any specific income or pre-qualifications to participate. Participants are only required to stay in their vehicles, while volunteers place the items in the trunk of their cars to avoid unnecessary contact due to Covid. All items distributions are drive-through only.

ReDefiners serves more than two hundred families every month.

We invite every Floridan family to participate, to receive help or to give back by volunteering their time.

Distribution Site Location:
Come to the ReDefiners World Languages Office at 8056 N. 56th St., Tampa, FL 33617.
Located on HART Line: 6 -39


From 11:30am-1pm EST. (Volunteers are needed from 10am-1:30pm)

Academic Tutoring Program

This is an intervention program designed to ensure children are academically on level by the 3rd grade. Through in-home personalized support to families, ReDefiners provides personalized 1:1 academic tutoring to children who have children who have been deemed at-risk of not meeting grade-level requirements. The goal of the program is to bridge the gap in academic performance by providing strategies and resources to engage parents/caregivers while boosting confidence within students. Tutors are bilingual in English and one of the following languages: Spanish/Arabic/Swahili. 


This program is specially designed for children with low-moderate household income. We serve non-native English speaking households. It has no fee; referral based. 

Income-Based Pricing Qualifications:

  • Must qualify & receive Free/Reduced school meals. Medicaid Eligibility.

  • Reside in 33612, 33613 or 33617 Zipcodes.

Multilingual Achievers Program

The Multilingual Achievers Program (MAP) is a multi-year in-person education based service for K-3rd grade students. The program provides 1:1 academic tutoring/study skill development and enrichment activities focusing on healthy socialization through character development, the arts and literacy through world language education. The program has been created with a collaborative approach to expand and enhance Out-of-School-Time programs currently operating throughout Hillsborough county, in partnership with community organizations, to provide universal access to educational support.

As an evidence-informed program, it includes two major activities: individualized academic tutoring and small group language classes (English and Spanish offerings at partner sites with Mandarin and Arabic at ReDefiners center, responsive to local demographics and requests). Participants are engaged in personalized sessions driven by diagnostic data that provides real-time analytics on progress towards benchmark goals in mathematics and English Language Arts-each aligned with Florida state standards. Learning plans are unique to each participant, with interactive activities that extend beyond the tutoring session for continued skill-development. To increase accessibility to this educational support, tutoring will be provided through in-home services to select communities in which partner sites are not currently available and laptops will be provided to all participants for use within the program with the incentive of keeping upon based upon earned performance points for participation and gains.


Additionally, participants engage in small group language and cultural enrichment classes that utilize the communicative framework for language learning, designed to promote measurable proficiency in the target language and expose learners to increased intercultural competency. The course curriculum is aligned with World Readiness Standards for Language Learning, a model that recognizes the need for practical connections and an interdisciplinary approach to language learning for students in the U.S., with the development of communication skills in more than one language, learning to interact with others with increased cultural competence, making comparisons to deepen understanding of English Language arts & literacy and to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for communities-socially, culturally and geographically.


  • City of Tampa- Parks & Recreation Centers

  • North Tampa/University Area- University Area Community Development Corporation

  • Temple Terrace Area- ReDefiners Center


Overarching Goals of the program:


Higher Academic Achievement

  • Literacy Development

  • Learning across subjects. (Social Studies, Language Arts, Science)

  • Confidence Boosting

  • Increased use of more areas of the brain



Social-Cultural Development

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Greater empathy for people and situations

  • Develop a global citizen mindset and value for cultural diversity and community service



Increased Future Career Opportunities

  • Confidently learn to communicate with diverse people & cultures

  • Gain leadership & language skills to fill high demand jobs for qualified bilingual candidates

  • Expand career options locally and internationally


  • Must be K-3rd student in 2021-2022 school year

  • Participant in City of Tampa After-School Program and/or reside in Hillsborough County


Program Locations:

1. Forest Hills - 33612

2. Copeland- 33612,

3. Temple Crest-33604,

4. Rowlett (The RAC)-33604,

5. Woodland Terrace- 33610,

6.Fair Oaks- 33610,

7. Williams Park-33610,

8. Grant Park- 33619,

9. Oak Park -33619,

10.Highland Pines -33605,

11.Loretta Ingraham Community Center-33607,

12.Kid Mason Community Center-33602,

13.Rey Park PAC - 33607,

14.Wellswood PAC -33603,

15.Dr. MLK Complex - 33607

16. ReDefiners, 33617

17. Mort Park, 33549

Academic Achievers Program

ReDefiners World Languages will leverage the skills and experience of seniors age 55+ in the Tampa Bay area to equip and empower individuals in the U.S. to be multilingual global citizens. These AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers will serve as Tutors, Out-Of-School-Time Learning Support, and provide Summer Learning Support.

ReDefiners is recruiting more than 66 new AmeriCorpsSeniors volunteers to help us better serve its community. Volunteers can sign up and learn more at:

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