What we do & Whom we serve

Summer Spanish Immersion & Technology Program

This is a 4-week In-Person program open to K-5 grade students (ages 6-11) at the beginner-immediate level of Spanish. Those accepted will be among 20 students engaging in an immersive Spanish program with 120 hours of language and cultural enrichment that incorporates digital technology, including green screen technology and virtually transport to Puerto Rico & Mexico. Participants will also build literacy skills, avoid the “summer slide,” and prepare to be global citizens.

The program is specially designed for children from ages 6-11, who are entering 1st - 6th grade with no previous summer program experience. We serve low-moderate household income families. It has income-based fees. 

Income-Based Pricing Qualifications:

  • Must qualify & receive Free/Reduced school meals. Medicaid Eligibility.

  • Reside in 33612, 33613 or 33617 Zipcodes.

  • New Program Participant.

After-Care Available: After-Care Fee not included in Income-Based Pricing Discounts & must be pre-registered on a weekly basis)

Transportation: No Pick-up Available; located on the HART Bus line; bus passes available upon request.

Academic Tutoring Program

This is an intervention program designed to ensure children are academically on level by the 3rd grade. Through in-home personalized support to families, ReDefiners provides personalized 1:1 academic tutoring to children who have children who have been deemed at-risk of not meeting grade-level requirements. The goal of the program is to bridge the gap in academic performance by providing strategies and resources to engage parents/caregivers while boosting confidence within students. Tutors are bilingual in English and one of the following languages: Spanish/Arabic/Swahili. 


This program is specially designed for children with low-moderate household income. We serve non-native English speaking households. It has no fee; referral based. 

Income-Based Pricing Qualifications:

  • Must qualify & receive Free/Reduced school meals. Medicaid Eligibility.

  • Reside in 33612, 33613 or 33617 Zipcodes.

Online Programs

The Live Virtual Program is a fee-based language education program for learners across the United States and globally. It is a remote learning program with live synchronous group sessions designed to promote community, cultural competence and multilingualism. Through a series of progressive course offerings, students develop communication skills to help meet their goals, whether academic, personal or professional. Available languages of study include Arabic, English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.

In addition, the Test Prep Program is for learners who wish to study or work in an English speaking country and it includes IELTS and TOEFL test preparation courses. The program features include:

Meet weekly face-to-face with your teacher and classmates in a virtual classroom in highly interactive, immersive and engaging sessions that are designed to get students speaking quickly

Each class session is 60 minutes long (but feels much shorter) with lesson content available for review along with fun practice activities to reinforce learning between live sessions

These programs are specially designed for children from ages 5-11, adults, non-heritage & heritage learners and multi-level proficiency students across the world. All income levels accepted.

Multilingual Achievers Program

This is an out-of-school-time program for youth designed to promote equity in access to high-quality leadership, literacy and character development enrichment programming that promotes academic and social success through language and cultural education. The program is designed specifically for elementary students residing in the United States. In-person programs are currently available for students in Tampa, FL while students nationwide gain access remotely through our live virtual program with synchronous group sessions.

The 6-level program is progressive and designed to be skill-building throughout the fundamental period of cognitive and social development. It has been designed to put youth first by reflecting their lives, interests and aspirations. The units and lessons encourage constant recycling of previously learned content in a fun and meaningful way to promote ongoing communication and proficiency at each level, as they learn to become confident and competent global citizens, who understand and value racial and cultural differences. Through world language class offerings in Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish, students pursue a learning path that promotes:


Higher Academic Achievement

  • Literacy Development.

  • Learning across subjects. (Social Studies, Language Arts, Science)

  • Confidence Boosting.

  • Increased use of more areas of the brain.


Social-Cultural Development

  • Increased self-awareness.

  • Greater empathy for people and situations.

  • Develop a global citizen mindset and value for cultural diversity and community service.


Increased Future Career Opportunities

  • Confidently learn to communicate with diverse people & cultures.

  • Gain leadership & language skills to fill high demand jobs for qualified bilingual candidates.

  • Expand career options locally and internationally.

This program is specially designed for children from ages 5-11. We serve non-heritage learners and novice-low proficiency level students, with low-moderate household incomes.

Income-Based Pricing Qualifications:

  • Must qualify & receive Free/Reduced school meals. Medicaid Eligibility.

  • Reside in 33612, 33613 or 33617 Zipcodes.