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As a valued member of our community, ReDefiners recognizes your professionalism, commitment to serving others, and your exceptional interpersonal skills. We invite you to consider investing your time and resources with ReDefiners, as we continue to positivity impact in our community. 

Our ideal candidate is an experienced non-profit board leader who is seeking an opportunity to invest the the continued capacity building and sustainability of a non-profit organization with a proven track record to impact change.

Our ideal board member is passionate about social justice, education, multilingualism and globalization. Joining the board of directors for ReDefiners World Languages is a great opportunity for individuals who are:

  • Transitioning to mature stage in his/her/their career

  • Seeking opportunities to provide pro-bono services

  • Underwhelmed with work/life responsibilities

  • Want to use experience/skills to support a worthwhile cause

  • Highly organized, self-motivated, innovative and seeking to make an impact

Ideally, candidates have:

  • Experience in one or more of the following areas:

    • Finance

    • Managerial/Leadership

    • Law

    • Education/Educational leadership

    • Marketing

    • Sales

    • Philanthropy

  • Ability to support financially

  • Ability to forge strategic alliances

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Board of Directors

The Imminent role of the Board of Directors to provide fiduciary responsible, review programs and budgets, and strategically solicit funds to supports the sustainability and scalability of ReDefiners. The role of each member of the Board requires that members perform a balance of asking big questions, exploring alternative possibilities, engaging in real dialogue, solving problems and offering direction.

Board of Directors Mission Statement:

To enable ReDefiners to continually deliver on its mission to equip and empower individuals to be multilingual citizens by promoting transparency and accountability, developing long-term strategy, and assisting in fiscal support

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  • 2- Years 

  • Quarterly Meetings

  • 16-20 hours annually



  • Participate in 4 quarterly board meetings (3rd Thursday of the last month of the quarter)

  • Personally contribute or raise $208.00 monthly ($2,500 annually)

  • Participate in at least (3) in-kind supportive activities

    • Host a 1-hour workshop on a topic of expertise to support the Tea Talks - Life Long Learner Program for individuals age 55+

    • Provide onsite assistance with an event (Holiday Toy Giveaway, Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway, Read During a Literacy Night, Multicultural Fest Assistance)

    • Secure a corporate donor or contract for services

    • Critically review a grant application & provide feedback according to scoring criteria

    • Board Recruitment & Development

    • Other proposed activity


  • Gain access to FREE classes in the Live Virtual Program (LVP)

  • Get an individual or business spotlight post on Linkedin

  • (local members) Membership access to the Tampa, Chamber of Commerce and uptown Chamber of Commerce

  • (local members) Free professional development classes at Non-profit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay

  • Expand Professional Network

  • Gain Tax Deductible Benefits for all donations made to the organization

  • Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility Requirements

  • Gain Advertising/Marketing Opportunities for your business or employer

Our 2022 Impact

  • $1.1M Pledged in program support

  • 6 New Funding Partners Gained

  • 44 Volunteers Engaged in 996 hours of Service

  • 10+ Community Outreach Partners Established

  • 2047 Individuals Engaged in programs and services

  • 33 Courses Offered

Available Positions

Jr. Board Chair

Is responsible for leading the development and formulation of the Junior Board. Limited to spearheading all Junior Board Meetings with the Board of Directors.


Is responsible for maintaining an accurate record of all Junior Board meetings, and decisions, and distributing information among members of the Junior Board. This individual is also responsible for all Junior Board correspondences such as weekly emails, notifications, etc.


Is responsible for the administration and accounting of all Junior Board funds, including the maintenance of an accurate record of the expected and actual annual budget. This individual will work closely with the Treasurer of the ReDefiners Board of Directors.

Strategic Alliances Chair

Is an influencer with strong communication skills. This position is responsible for advocating for the mission of ReDefiners among leaders, policy makers and chang

Fundraising Chair

Is responsible for initiating and conducting activities and events that could raise funds for the organization. This individual is also responsible for the direct oversight of all tasks conducted by the Fundraising Team

Committee Members

Is responsible for assisting with finding funding sources for the organization

Fundraising Team

Is responsible for assisting with finding funding sources for the organization

Public Relations Chair

Is responsible for engaging the community through television, radio and print opportunities

Junior Board

The imminent role of the Junior Board is to recruit and engage with potential interns, donors, and volunteers, providing fresh perspective to the board and even managing internal projects. Members can be tasked with planning and organizing event acting as an ambassador for the organization.

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Community Advisory Council

Provide expert pro-bono consulting to ReDefiners World Languages on specific areas of organizational practice. 



Invitation to annual stakeholders appreciation event 



Engage and advocate for ReDefiners World Language through social networks

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