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Live Virtual Classes

Learning a new language has the power to propel your life forward academically, professionally, and socially. Each online class is designed to meet the needs of individual learners, while using the latest technology to enhance and extend the experience beyond the lesson. Our Virtual Language Program brings the expertise and passion of ReDefined language learning to the comfort of your own home (office, car, favorite park bench, well you get the idea...). What are you waiting for, get started today with a free class!

What to Expect

In Class

Once you log into your E-Learning portal, you will have access to online practice activities, course material and each lesson for the course. It is here that you will access your customized live Zoom lesson with your teacher.


ReDefiners believes language learning should be about communicating in real life! Our classes are designed to focus on real life language rather than memorizing difficult grammar rules. Each class is taught using an immersive approach, giving you the chance to develop listening & speaking skills first as you work to develop your ability to read and write in your new language. Whether you are studying in a group or 1:1 with your teacher, the process is the same, you will be introduced to the goals for the lesson, have multiple opportunities to ensure you understand the meaning (without translation), work on pronunciation and have many opportunities to apply your new knowledge in real life situations.

1:1 Lessons

You can get started with a private online class as soon as you are ready! Day time and evening times available.

Small Group Lessons

For group classes online, we have ongoing classes begin with a min. of 3 people. This means, you can:

A. Sign up and get started as soon as 2 other people who fit your level and schedule are enrolled 

B. Sign up and invite a few friends to learn with you (you get credit for each person you refer 

C. Sign up for a private class if you wish to start right away

3 Steps to Get Started


Whether you want to learn Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, or English, ReDefiners offers a variety of classes and programs for students of all ages who want to enrich their lives by learning a new language.  We have a wide variety of class types to fit with your schedule.

For all of our courses, course curriculum meets American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards for language proficiency. 


Try a free class with one of our expert language teachers today. The free class is a 30 minute (abbreviated session) that will not only assess your current language level but will give you the opportunity and experience a private lesson with our awesome teachers, giving you the assurance you need to journey with ReDefiners for this next step in life.

Choose a Package and Enroll

Our goal is to eliminate barriers to language learning by offering affordable classes and convenient payment options. Choose a program option - group or private lessons and then simply choose an enrollment option - one semester (12 weeks), two semesters (24 weeks) or three semesters (36 weeks). Get up to 15% off by enrolling in a three semester package.

Need financial assistance? Contact our team at

Group Classes

Private Classes

Technical Requirements

What You'll Need

You can access your E-Learning Portal from any device (Computer, Tablet, Smart Phone) using Google Chrome for the best experience. 

For mobile devices, please visit your app store or click below to download the Classe365 app, 
and select ReDefiners World Languages from the list of schools.


Zoom can be accessed from your device's browser however, downloading the application will provide a much richer experience. 

ReDefiners is a non-profit organization that prides itself in being a pioneer in the early language education programming in Hillsborough County

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