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Reasons to Learn English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic

If you’re familiar with ReDefiners World Languages, you know that we’re passionate about providing foreign language opportunities. Language lessons offer more than the ability to communicate in another language, though. Being proficient in a second language benefits children and adults. Language learning can promote academic achievement, as well as social, cultural, and character development. All of these benefits lead to increased career opportunities as children become adults. Ultimately, we aim to create a better world by creating multicultural individuals who understand, value, and respect cultural differences.

If you’ve ever been on our website, you probably noticed that we only have a few languages. Unlike most foreign language programs, we only offer English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic. We provide courses in these languages because they provide the most opportunities for our students.

Here are some of the opportunities if you speak English:

  • English is the official language of 67 countries and the official language for global institutions, such as the United Nations, European Union, and NATO.

  • Many consider English to be the world’s “second language” because around 400 million people speak it as their first language, and even more speak it as a second language. In fact, one in five know the language at least a little bit.

  • By learning English, you open yourself up to worldwide career opportunities, and you can connect with a large segment of the population.

For more information about our English classes, click here.

This is a picture of the silhouettes of two businessmen. They're sitting at a desk besides a large window.
Learning English can expand your career options.

Here are some of the opportunities if you speak Mandarin Chinese:

  • Mandarin has approximately 1.1 million native speakers. This makes it the second most popular language worldwide after English.

  • Mandarin is an official language spoken in China and Taiwan.

  • By learning Mandarin, you can connect with about 15% of the global population. Not only will you communicate with more people, but you will also learn more about East Asia’s rich culture and history.

For more information about our Mandarin classes, click here.

This is a picture of two men in suits shaking hands. In the background is a Chinese flag and an American flag.
Our classes can help you learn Mandarin

Here are some of the opportunities if you speak Spanish:

  • Spanish is a popular language. Over 525 million people speak it as either their first or second language.

  • It is the official language in 22 countries.

  • It is the second most spoken language in the United States. The country has 45 million native speakers and 12 million more who are bilingual. In fact, there are more Spanish speakers in the United States than in Columbia and Spain!

  • Companies are always looking for workers who are fluent in Spanish. Learning it can make you more marketable, increase your chances of getting hired, and make you eligible for promotions.

For more information about our Spanish classes, click here.

This is a picture of Spanish-style buildings and a street.
Spanish comes in handy when you're traveling.

Here are some of the opportunities if you speak Arabic:

  • Arabic is the 5th most spoken language worldwide, and over 400 million people use it daily.

  • The U.S. State Department considers Arabic a critical language due to our country’s strategic business and security interests in the Arab world.

  • It is the official language of 25 countries, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

  • U.S. government agencies have a desperate need for proficient Arabic speakers. The current demand for speakers far exceeds the supply.

  • Knowing Arabic can give you an advantage in many careers, not just government-related ones. It can give you an edge in occupations related to business, engineering, medicine, nonprofits, and international relations.

​For more information about our Arabic classes, click here.

This is a picture of a book opened to a random page. Inside, there are words in Arabic written in black and red ink.
Our classes can help you learn Arabic.

Learning a new language can provide a variety of opportunities in your personal and professional life. Due to the popularity of English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic, the possibilities are endless. By learning one of these languages, you can communicate with a large segment of the population, be eligible for dozens of new jobs, and learn more about other cultures. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to become proficient in one of these languages; with our online classes, you can learn from anywhere!

If you’re ready to take advantage of these opportunities, then sign up for a class with ReDefiners World Languages! We offer online courses in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic for kids and adults. Our engaging curriculum allows you to learn real-life communication skills, as well as information about the culture. For more information, please visit our website or email us at

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