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English Conversation

English Classes in Tampa

FREE Multilingual Citizens Program provided by ReDefiners World Languages in partnership with the Children's Board Family Resource Centers and managed by Lutheran Services FL, designed for parents or caregivers.

It is a 12-week program with a total of 24 classes, available throughout Hillsborough County in Tampa, FL. This program is specifically designed for individuals who are new to the English language or have no prior knowledge of it.


You'll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of classes that best suit your needs. Throughout the program, you'll engage in authentic interactions and discussions about relevant topics. This will help you learn commonly-used expressions and vocabulary so that you can confidently communicate in everyday situations by the end of the course.

There is no pre-requisite required to participate in either of the courses offered. You can choose the class you're more interested in!

Exposure English Classes in Hillsborough County

We offer three different classes in Tampa, Florida. You can choose between ESOL "Basic Living", ESOL "Work & Money", or "Health & Safety".


We do NOT have a level system. All classes are open to students of all levels. There's no order of hierarchy and you can take the three of them at the same time. 

ESOL "Health & Safety" - The class is divided into three main categories: health and wellness, education, and emergency preparedness. The initial focus will be on wellness topics, such as identifying and discussing feelings and symptoms, booking appointments with doctors, and other related topics. The next theme is education, which includes an overview of the American school system, whom to contact in schools, strategies for resolving school-related issues, and other educational opportunities for children. The final topic is emergency preparedness, covering topics such as how to call 911, communicating with the police, requesting first aid, and natural disaster readiness. The class involves the use of real-life materials, which may be overwhelming for some students, but we will break it down for them. Additionally, students will learn the necessary grammar skills related to materials such as intake forms and permission slips to increase their confidence in handling them.

ESOL "Work & Money" - This class covers a range of topics related to employment, including how to talk about jobs, prepare for a job interview, write a resume, make plans politely, go to the bank, budgeting, and taxes. Some students may struggle with this class if they have a low conversational level. However, we strive to simplify the material as much as possible. It's worth noting that even native English speakers can find this class challenging, which can make it even more challenging for English learners. Nevertheless, the information covered in this class is highly relevant and valuable for everyday life.


ESOL "Basic Living" - This course aims to equip students with fundamental English skills and commonly used phrases for everyday life. The course begins with basic introductions such as "Hi, my name is..." and "I'm from...", and gradually progresses to more advanced topics such as seeking directions and grocery shopping. Moreover, the course covers essential skills like spelling out personal information and sharing phone numbers. Students will also learn about present and past tenses. The course provides a structured environment to teach crucial life skills.


Take this FREE Level Test if you feel you are at a higher level than A1 Beginner

Free English Course

Exposure Class


  • Parents/Caregivers

  • Must be Hillsborough County Resident


  • Two (2) class a week

  • One (1) hour per class

  • 12-weeks


Classes are FREE to CBFRC Center participants; must become a free member to join classes.​


Please note that starting dates vary depending on the center. 


Check the Schedule before Enrolling

Practice English

The objetive of these English classes is to introduce you to everyday English language skills for interacting in the real world, make you build confidence in the use of English, and make you gain an understanding of some U.S. customs, practices and values.

You will have access to a printed in-class workbook and a virtual set of resources and assignments for independent study.

Support Group



Funding for services generously provided by the Children's Board of Hillsborough County


Before beginning the registration process, please view specific class schedules and locations above.


Thank you for your interest!

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