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Suncoast Credit Union Grants $6,750 to ReDefiners for Summer Spanish Program

Funding will support nearly 50 students to improve Spanish language skills

Tampa, FL, May 4, 2023 – ReDefiners World Languages announced today that it has received a $6,750 grant from Suncoast Credit Union to support the Summer Spanish Language Immersion & Technology Program. The program, which offers a unique opportunity for K-5th grade students to immerse themselves in Latin American culture, learn Spanish, and participate in fun and educational activities, is a valuable resource for the community in Hillsborough County.

“We understand that education plays an essential role in the well-being of our future, and that with education, we become a stronger and better equipped society. We want to contribute to the success of young people, knowing that these students are the future of our communities,” said Kourtney Berry, Executive Director at Suncoast Credit Union Foundation.

The Summer Spanish Language Immersion & Technology Program, which runs from June 5th - June 30th, 2023, offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes language and cultural immersion, STEAM projects, safety training, health and fitness activities, and visual arts. Children will also have the opportunity to learn about Spanish customs and culture through food and dance and develop valuable social and independence skills.

"At ReDefiners, we are committed to providing high-quality educational experiences to children in our community," said Chantelle Daniels, founder and Executive Director of ReDefiners. "We are grateful for the support of Suncoast Credit Union, which will allow us to continue offering an affordable and educational summer experience for kids in Hillsborough County, while also promoting language and cultural immersion."

For more information on the Summer Spanish Language Immersion & Technology Program or to register, please visit or call 813-530-2313.

About ReDefiners World Languages

ReDefiners World Languages is a non-profit organization that offers language education programming in Hillsborough County. Its mission is to help people learn a second language and appreciate different cultures to become global citizens. For more information, please call ReDefiners World Languages at 813-530-2313 or email


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Marketing Director

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