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Demolition, Celebration & Community Partners

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

An old way of life is being demolished...while traditional indoor malls have become a thing of the past, Uptown University Mall is bridging the comforts of the old with today's new found way of life: ultra sleek, ultra modern, ultra convenient! The #transformation of University Mall to become Uptown, a cool new LIVE, WORK, PLAY community is underway with demolition occurring on the west end of the mall, a desolate space whose Skelton cries out for flesh...

Perhaps this change will mirror the transformation needed within our community, AKA, the United States...let's celebrate cultural diversity, let's #empower one another to be #change agents, let's #create equity in opportunities for advancement, let's change for the better!

Uptown University Mall, managed by Patrice Gingras of CBRE seems to embody this change that we all need in our community. We see evidence of this in the decisions that are made to empower local entrepreneurs and to partner with community non-profit organizations, like #ReDefinersWL ReDefiners World Languages.

ReDefiners and Uptown University Mall are working together to be an impetus for positivity within the Tampa Bay community and while the old section of our "Mall" is being demolished, the vibrance of our community will shine at the Black Heritage Expo #bhe19 in the center of it all, on Saturday, 2/23/19 at the place we call home, #uptown #universitymall

Author: Chantelle Daniels

Executive Director

ReDefiners World Languages


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