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Learn and improve your language skills from the comfort of your home with our wide variety of language courses for learners of all ages. Connect virtually with our great team of native teachers and classmates in a fun and engaging course developed in consideration of the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards for language teaching and learning.

K-5 Learner Program

The K-5 Online Learning Program is a 6-year comprehensive program with the aim to achieve intermediate proficiency by the end of the program. Students can start at any grade, and will be put into their suitable course level. 

  • Literacy Development.

  • Learning across subjects (Social Studies, Language Arts, Science)

  • Develop cultural awareness.

  • Increased use of more areas of the brain.


  1. Novice -Low A1

  2. Novice - Mid A1

  3. Novice-High A2

  4. Intermediate-Low A2

  5.  Intermediate-Mid B1

  6. Intermediate-High B1

*Eligible for ACTFL certification upon completion of course after 9 months.

Adult Program

The Adult Program is a 9-months language proficiency program with the aim to improve adult learners' speaking skills and start using the language right away.   

  • Conversation practice.

  • Improve grammar and writing skills.

  • Boost confidence in using the language.

We offer 3 different levels:

  • Novice (A1 - A2)

  • Intermediate (B1 - B2)

  • Advanced (C1 - C2)

*Eligible for ACTFL certification upon completion of course after 9 months.

*ReDefiners does not sponsor student visas. It is not necessary to hold a visa to take any of our enrichment or online courses. Further, our online program is available for people from any part of the world. 

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  • Official Level Certificate.

  • 3 terms of 12 weeks, a total of 9 months.

$7 per class

$56 /Month

Get started at any level (placement test provided) for One Term.

  • 1 term of 12 weeks, a total of 3 months.

$15 per class

$120 /Month

What to Expect
  • Meet 2 TIMES a week face-to-face with your teacher and classmates in a virtual classroom in highly interactive, immersive and engaging sessions that are designed to get students speaking quickly

  • Each class session is 1 HOUR long with lesson content available for review along with fun practice activities to reinforce learning between live sessions

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Why Us?
  • We specialize in language teaching and learning

  • Highly skilled and qualified language educators

  • Immersive language learning for real communication

  • Customized and standards-based curriculum designed with learner needs in mind

  • Engaging and structured live small group classes (15 student max)

  • Engaging and interactive material to practice outside of group sessions

  • We prepare students to be Global Citizens

  • 1:1 Live Virtual Office Hours for Additional and personalized support

What Our Students Say

I love learning Spanish with my class online because it is fun and I really like my teacher. The best part is when I got to show my friends my superman costume during culture week.

Michael, Online Spanish

Technical Requirements

What You'll Need

You can access your E-Learning Portal from any device (Computer, Tablet, Smart Phone) using Google Chrome for the best experience. 

For mobile devices, please visit your app store or click below to download the Classe365 app, 
and select ReDefiners World Languages from the list of schools.


Zoom can be accessed from your device's browser however, downloading the application will provide a much richer experience. 


Proud Members of the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages