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Summer Programs

Our Summer Programs Are Fun, Interactive & Educational. Kids Learn Spanish & Have Fun. 


If you are seeking a unique and personalized camp experience for your child- this is it! Participants learn a new language, explore world cultures and make new friends!

We are language education specialists offering awesome speciality summer programs. Our programs infuse cultural arts, STEM, fitness, literacy and so much more. Scroll to learn more.

Our Summer Programs

When: June 7- July 2, 2021 (4 Weeks)

Where: ReDefiners World Languages, 8056 N. 56th St., Tampa, FL 33617

Who: Open to K-5th Grade Students in the Tampa area

Cost: $450.00 (Standard) / $180.00 (Income Based)

Income-Based Pricing Qualifications:

  • Must qualify & receive Free/Reduced school meals

  • Reside in 33612, 33613 or 33617 Zipcodes

  • New Program Participant

After-Care Available: 2 PM-5 PM; $50 per week per family (After-Care Fee not included in Income-Based Pricing Discounts & must be pre-registered on a weekly basis)

Transportation: No Pick-up Available; located on the HART Bus line; bus passes available upon request

The 2021 Summer Spanish Immersion & Technology Program is a 4-Week program (Monday-Friday; 8:00 AM-2:00 PM, June 7-July 2, 2021) open to elementary-age children ages 6-11 at the beginner-immediate level of Spanish. Those accepted will be among 20 students engaging in an immersive Spanish program with 120 hours of language and cultural enrichment that incorporates digital technology, including green screen technology, to virtually transport to Puerto Rico & Mexico,  participants will also build literacy skills, avoiding the “summer slide,” all while preparing to be global citizens.

Spanish Classes & So Much More!

  • FREE Breakfast/Lunch

  • Friday Pizza Days

  • Swimming Lessons

  • Field Trips

  • Computer Coding/Robotics

  • Free Bike Safety Gear 

  • Fire Safety & Engine Tour

2021 Program Partner

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2019 Program Partner

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ReDefiners STARTALK Arabic &

STARTALK Mandarin Programs

Cancelled for 2021

Participants will explore authentic products and practices that relate to traveling to a place in the world where either Arabic or Mandarin are spoken. They will travel to get to know different regions/cities and to investigate significant aspects of the culture or country. Before leaving on the trip, they will learn about the geographical features and climate of the area. They will also practice greetings so that can address people they meet using appropriate register, titles, courtesy expressions , and gestures. They will pack their backpacks with items they must take along on a virtual or local field trip. Once they arrive at their location, they will investigate the area and get to know the people and their customs. At the end of the program students will use their language skills to share with parents what they have learned about their region of study. Each program is a 1/2 Day program. Open to 3-5 grade students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all volunteers and staff background checked? How recently are these checks done?

All program staff (including volunteers & contracted staff) MUST undergo a Level II fingerprint/FBI background clearance to work within our program and for our program to operate as a whole.

What is the process for the kids changing in and out of swim clothes? Do they have a private area to do this? (Not a group locker room)

All clothing changes will be done in the YMCA changing rooms however, there are private areas (including restroom stalls) and if you wish, we can have your child change in a private room here at the center, before we commute to the YMCA.

What is done to ensure that kids are protected from any sort of abusers or sexual predators?

We understand your concern, please note, that no child will be 1:1 with an adult or anyone for that matter. Our teachers and staff are paired and, in an effort to be overly cautious, for our field trip daysall of our program staff will be traveling to the YMCA, even though the certified swim instructors will be providing the actual lessons with our participants. With that being said, all program staff must undergo a clearance (as mentioned above, to be a part of the program). Additionally, our facility is equipped with cameras (and microphones) in the classrooms to monitor activity.

What is the adult to child ratio for swimming time?

Just as you are concerned, our program is certainly concerned and so is the YMCA and therefore, the approved ratio from the YMCA is 1 Instructor to 8 kids. This means, we will only have one group in the water at a time, and we will have one of our own staff in the water with the group. Also note that for swim instruction, all 8 children are not actively engaging at the same time, students sit on the ledge or hold on to the ledge and move 1 by 1 as instructed and within close range of the instructor.

Is all the swimming time going to be a structured lesson, or is there some time that is more like “free swim”?

The time in water is explicitly for swimming lessons, not free swim. We only have a specific time contracted to be in the water at the YMCA with YMCA instructors, not for free swim. Therefore, the participants who are not actively in the water will be engaging in swim safety activities on deck as they wait.

Are the swim instructors certified life guards?

Yes, the Swim Instructors are certified and qualified to not only instruct but to perform CPR and life saving techniques, if needed.

What kind of emergency/first aid training do camp instructors/volunteers receive?

Program staff participate in Red Cross First Aid Training as part of our professional development and pre-program training for new summer program staff.


2021 Program & Education Partners

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