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Why Now Is The Best Time To Learn A New Language

As we have slowly started easing back into the demands of a new school year, our jobs, and dealing with the reality that COVID-19 has shocked us into, it is more important than ever to treat ourselves with kindness and take the time to try new things. I have personally found that immersing myself into language study has helped me cultivate an appreciation for other languages and cultures. Now, more than ever, is a great time to utilize language learning as a method of enrichment and discovery and to build community while we are at home “quarantining”.

Learning a New Language: Its Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)

The process of learning something new is not easy; however, the personal benefits gained from language learning far exceed not attempting to understand one. As a student, I found myself on numerous occasions being able to apply my knowledge of languages in academia and further in professional settings.

ReDefiners World Languages
Learning another Language Benefits You in a Multitude of Ways | ReDefiners World Languages

When you feel overwhelmed and want to give up your studies, always remember one thing: you are not alone.

We all struggle with learning a new language at first—we even stumble when we initially learn to speak our own. Thankfully, there are numerous resources you can use to get through the challenges your language learning journey may bring. Not to mention the abundance of benefits gained such as:

A Greater Understanding of Others

Witnessing the era of a pandemic and an increased awareness for humanitarian rights has proven that we as global citizens must spend more time learning and respecting others’ cultures.

ReDefiners World Languages
Together We Can Achieve So Much More!

Juan Rámon Jiménez once said that, “He who learns a new language acquires a new soul.” When studying an alternative language, we learn much more about the origins of words and the reasoning behind them. By actively participating in this process and learning a new language, you open a gateway of personal opportunity and emotions of reward.

Helping You Develop A Connection With Your Language

Many languages are similar in linguistics. A prime example would be English, Spanish, French, and their Latin roots. As you dive deeper into pursuing language study, you'll begin to notice similarities between your language and the one you are studying. Not only does this help you relate your studies and progress back to the information you have learned, but will additionally help you cultivate a deeper relationship with the language you are learning!

ReDefiners World Languages
Explore the Interconnectedness of Languages & Cultures with ReDefiners World Languages

So, Why Is Now The Absolute Best Time?

Learning a language through this unprecedented time can help you manage daily stressors. In order to balance the countless demands from our lives in addition to wanting to have new experiences, practicing or studying a new language could serve as entertainment or something new to do while trying to relax at the end of the day.

As we are limited in the amount of activities available to us at this time, we can explore new cultures while learning a new language. Additionally, why not build up your skill for the near possible future when we are all able to travel freely?

Family Time = Language Time with ReDefiners World Languages
Make This Time Count with ReDefiners World Languages

If you are interested in challenging yourself with a new topic of study, are simply wanting to try something enriching and new, or prepping for the day when we can all travel again, start learning with us at ReDefiners! We offer language classes in Arabic, English, Mandarin, and Spanish for all ages. Check out our website and/or blog to find out more.

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