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What’s in It for You? Reasons for Donating to a Nonprofit

There are always people in need, but in today’s times, they need help more than ever. You may be thinking of donating to organizations that support the marginalized or forgotten sectors of our community and you probably do so because you want to give back. Your donations, especially to ReDefiners, help immensely. Donating time, skills and resources to organizations such as ours helps us change lives.

But what about you? You want to help your community. You want to create a better world for your children and grandchildren. And in today’s uncertain times, you are looking for ways to make a difference. However, making a donation or volunteering your time and skills can help you too. It can benefit your physical and emotional health, your career, and even your pocketbook.

There are three people in the picture with two people off-camera. The people in the picture are wearing white shirts with blue block letters that say "Volunteer." Everyones arms are outstretched in front of them, and their hands are stacked on top of each other.
Volunteering helps your community and yourself.

Stop feeling powerless or useless to create change

We’re living in emotionally trying times that are taking a toll on our mental health. If you’re like me, you may be stuck in thinking about exactly what you can do to make other people’s lives better. Well, the good that donating causes can help you feel powerful and useful to create change. To go even further, giving just makes you feel good and the satisfaction you get can give a real boost to your mental health.

Giving to others presents yet another mental health benefit: it may put your problems into perspective. Think of it this way: In spite of all your life's challenges, you are blessed with time and resources that others don’t have.

Leverage your Skills, Experience and Assets

As a donor, you bring a lot to the table. You have skills, experience and assets that can increase opportunities for people in need. For example, nonprofits like ReDefiners need a lot of help: fundraising, office work, creating content and more. But the difficulty is that they don’t always have a budget for everything they need. That’s where you come in. The benefit of donating or volunteering is twofold. First, the organization gets necessary assistance and you get experience that can further your professional life.

I’m a perfect example of this. I recently switched careers from ESOL educator to copywriter and content creator. There are dozens of niches a writer like me could pursue, but I always knew I wanted to work for nonprofits. I could never be satisfied unless my work was improving lives. But how could I get more experience without having a job? Luckily I found ReDefiners World Languages while searching for volunteer opportunities. It was a perfect match for my background in education, my experiences traveling the world and my expertise in intercultural communication. Volunteering feels great because I am helping change childrens’ lives while getting invaluable professional experience.

The image shows a white computer keyboard sitting on a desk with two hands typing on it. Off to the right hand side is a white computer mouse, a yellow watch, and a white smart phone.
Volunteering helps nonprofits in many ways

Tax Deductions

While it’s clear that your primary motivation to donate is to give back, did you know that your donation entitles you to tax deductions if you itemize? Also, those who are at or close to 70 should know that an IRA rollover of up to $100,000 can reduce your tax bill without those IRA funds being considered taxable income. As you can see, you can reduce tax liability while being a part of the solution to the problems of these times.

ReDefiners World Languages

ReDefined educational opportunities for all, now = a better society for your family. When you financially help ReDefiners World Languages, you contribute to creating a more just, equitable world for your children and grandchildren while supporting educational initiatives for the marginalized.

A picture of a globe with two shaking hands in front of it.
You can help us create a better world.

For more information about studying a new language, volunteering or even donating to support language program scholarships to underserved populations, visit or email

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