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What's the Big Deal?

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

From recruiting event sponsors to spending countless hours planning, marketing and simply thinking about the event, some may ask, why would ReDefiners host the Multicultural Fest year after year? There are plenty of other things they can be doing with their time, right?

WRONG! Yes, ReDefiners' mission is to promote equity and access to world language educational opportunities for Tampa youth, specifically those at-risk but, ReDefiners vision is the impetus behind this annual event....perhaps it is a pipe dream, perhaps we are naive, however, we truly believe the way we, humans that is, view one another (especially those who are different, in any way you can define) can improve. We believe that today's children have the ability to spearhead a revolution, a redefinition if you will, in the way we perceive differences. Instead of seeing differences in a negative light, we will one day embrace diversity, welcome it in fact and value the spectrum of humanity that inevitably makes a whole. We believe that the key to moving forward is through mutual understanding so, yes, we teach children (and adults) to speak other languages however, what we are really doing is helping them see "others" through a new lens. One that sees more clearly the beauty of diversity.

So, what's the big deal about the Multicultural Fest? It is everything! It is an opportunity to expose yourself and your children to a free community gathering, one that celebrates the beauty of diversity. The Multicultural Fest is an opportunity to REDEFINE what is important on a Saturday afternoon. In fact, the Multicultural Fest is a declaration of your commitment to change. While there are so many other things you can do on this weekend, attending the Multicultural Fest Saturday, Nov. 10th, 2018 between 1-4 PM will be a fun, unique and unforgettable experience. Besides, it is another opportunity to DECLARE that you care about a better, more unified future for folks in Tampa, FL. So, you tell us..what's the big deal?

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