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Best Shows to Watch When Learning Mandarin

There are many debates as to what methods you should use to learn a new language. In my opinion, the best way is to learn while practicing. However, now that you may be not able to practice arbitrarily with others in a public setting, another method is to learn by watching better speakers. So, why not learn while watching something interesting?!

As a disclaimer, these are all shows based off of my personal taste, and ones that are most popular. If you have other suggestions, or are willing to share your favorites, leave a comment for others as well!


1. 流星花园 [liúxīng huāyuán] “Meteor Garden 2”

This show is a reboot of the original Meteor Garden that was released in 2001. This show follows the life of two university students from completely different lifestyles in Shanghai. If you are looking for a show that will teach you new vocabulary for specific settings such as business, academics, and travel, this show is for you!

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(P.S., If you found this show interesting, be on the lookout for a second release later in the year!)

2. 大鱼海棠 [dàyú hǎitáng] “Big Fish and Begonia”

Is based off of a compilation of mythological folklore stories. The movie is centered around a child named Begonia and her best friend, Qiu as they save a marine creature connected with the spirit world.

In this story, Begonia faces a journey that will challenge her friendships, familial, and introspective relationships.

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I definitely recommend watching this film if you are interested in learning more vocabulary focused around mythology and animals!

3. 微微一笑很倾城 [wēiwēi yíxiào hěn qīngchéng] “Love O2O”

Love O2O is a T.V. show that mainly revolves around the gaming world. In the series, the storyline focuses on an University student and a top business executive—both of which have an undeniable love for video gaming. They later meet in person and develop a bond.

Learn Mandarin Chinese with ReDefiners World Languages
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The language in this show is perfect for people looking to further their knowledge of gaming vocabulary and other typical daily phrases.

These shows and films are great places to start, but we can always use more practice when learning vocabulary and how to apply it. To further deepen your knowledge in the beautiful language of Mandarin (or other languages), check out ReDefiners World Languages for more information on our programs for youth and adults!

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