Beginner Arabic 1

Beginner Arabic 1

Course Price


Live Class Meetings

60 Mins

Course Length

2 days/week


Live Online


Ms. Manar Syouf

About the Course

Beginner Arabic is the course for anyone wishing to learn Arabic from scratch, whether for work or pleasure. This course gives a thorough grounding, enabling learners to speak, read, write and understand a language spoken by over 313 million people. Students are introduced to key structures of the language in topic based lessons, with an emphasis on developing real-communication skills.

What to Expect

  • Meet weekly face-to-face with your teacher and classmates in a virtual classroom in highly interactive, immersive and engaging sessions that are designed get students speaking quickly

  • Each class session is 60 minutes long (but feels much shorter) with lesson content available for review along with fun practice activities to reinforce learning between live sessions

  • Get FREE access to meet 1:1 with your teacher during Virtual Office Hours for extra support 

Online Class

Casual Learner

24 Classes

Want to brush up on your language skills with a refresher course? Not sure which language you prefer? Start here.

$12 per class/

$96 Month

Standard Learner

48 Classes

Perfect learning path for learners who are ready to making language learning a part of their lives.

$10 per class:

$80 Month

Intensive Learner

72 Classes

Best Value for learners and families who are serious about speaking another language!

$7 per class/

$56 Month


Why Us?

  • We specialize in language teaching and learning

  • Highly skilled and qualified language educators

  • Immersive language learning for real communication

  • Customized and standards-based curriculum designed with learner needs in mind

  • Engaging and structured live small group classes (15 student max)

  • Engaging and interactive material to practice outside of group sessions

  • We prepare students to be Global Citizens

  • 1:1 Live Virtual Office Hours for Additional and personalized support

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ReDefiners is a non-profit organization that prides itself in being a pioneer in the early language education programming in Hillsborough County

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