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Saturday, November 6th 12-5 PM

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What is the Multicultural Festival

The 6th Annual Multicultural Festival Event is a day to celebrate cultural diversity through music and dance. Join ReDefiners World Languages at WestShore Plaza, 250 Westshore Plaza, Tampa, FL 33609 for a day of colorful entertainment from around the world!

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Why Become a Vendor

WestShore Plaza is a destination for exclusive dining and shopping favorites in Tampa, Florida, serving residents and tourists of the surrounding area. This enclosed Tampa mall is conveniently located near attractions, making it an easy drive from hotels and rentals in the area. 


Offering over 100 retailers, including anchors Macy’s, JCPenney, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, specialty retailers like Francesca's, H&M, and Old Navy, WestShore Plaza offers something for everyone. 


With The 6th Annual Multicultural Festival Event as the main attraction, 800+ unique traffic is expected. It's a great opportunity to attract customers and sell your products and services. 


Where Does The Event Take Place?

Saturday, November 6th 12-5 PM

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Non-Profit Organization


Small Business Owner (Independent Consultants & Sole Proprietors)


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What kind of vendor/business can participate in the event? Is there any kind of business that is not allowed?

Small business owners, corporate representatives, community organizations, non-profit organizations. At this time, the only participants not allowed are companies that sell/promote adult oriented/sexually explicit material or companies that sell/promote racist or homophobic content.

What is the capacity for stands? How many vendors can be accommodated?

Max: 30 vendors can be accomodated.

How many attendees are anticipated at this event? Is it free or paid?

Attendees are free to attend; total number is a challenge to estimate however, 800+ unique traffic is expected.

Are there any health requirements due to COVID?

Vendor tables have been reduced to limited capacity to enable greater spacing between tables, masks are strongly encouraged.

At what time do vendors have to attend?

From 10:30 to 11:30 PM on Saturday, Nov. 6th. (Vendors with Table Included) Although performances will not officially begin until 12:00 PM, the mall will be open with lots of potential customers walking by. The earlier you are set up and ready to engage, the better!

Will electricity be available for the stands? What about other supplies?

- Limited access, first come first serve, $35.00 extra fee for electricity. - Paid with table included. A 6FT Table with Black Table Cloth (if needed) is provided to vendors along with one chair. - Paid w/o table included. Vendors must bring a standard 6 ft folding table and chairs along with table cover.

Is the Event Indoors?


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