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FREE Adult Online English

Communicating in another language is hard! These workshops are designed to help non-English speakers learn the tools needed to successfully immerse in their communities and American culture.

By the end of each workshop you will learn commonly-used expressions and vocabulary to confidently communicate in everyday life.

Online Class

Class Information


  • Open to native and non-native speakers


  • Classes are free to all students

  • All class materials are provided by ReDefiners


  • Class meets twice a week for twelve weeks

  • Each class meets for one hour

  • Check the calendar below for more class information

Online ESOL Basic Living Workshop

Our beginners course teaching fundamental English skills and commonly used phrases to help build communication confidence. The class covers three main topics related to basic living:

Introducing yourself - learn how to start a conversation, state your name, and describe yourself, ask for directions

Shopping/ restaurant - roleplay common interactions in the community such as shopping, going to a restaurant and ordering food, learn vocabulary for these interactions.

Practicing conversational English -learn how to use the present tense and combine it with other tenses, practice speaking on the phone.

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Meet Your Teacher

I am a Tampa native with a passion for art, nature and people. I am a student of life, ever searching for depth and meaningful experiences. I'm a multi-talented non-conformist and my career path has been unique and interesting. I've taught English to the New York Yankees, online ESL to Chinese children, eLearning for Kindergarten at a charter school, Spanish at a Waldorf school, and private homeschooling and tutoring for personal families. My goal is to continue exploring a range of teaching modalities and refine my skills.

Brittany Bunn

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Class Schedules

Use the schedule to view class hours, availability, and locations.

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