Inspiring generations through language education

Our Story


The mission of ReDefiners World Languages is to create equity and access to world language educational opportunities for ALL elementary students by providing high-quality; immersive programs in Spanish and critical need languages, including Arabic and Mandarin.


Through mutual understanding and respect, our vision is to see the various cultural communities across the nation unite as one, spearheaded by the children of today; children who regularly participate in world language and cultural education as a normal part of the elementary curriculum.

Our organization is deeply grounded in our core values. We believe all children, regardless of background, are capable and deserving of language learning opportunities, language learning needs to begin before age 10, intercultural education and authentic relationships promote greater peace and in today’s society, and students need to become global citizens.

Founded by a full-time educator, parent, and advocate for language learning, ReDefiners is a non-profit organization that prides itself in being a pioneer in the early language education programing in Hillsborough County. The organization is made up of qualified teachers, international student volunteers and business professionals who are passionate about language and cultural education. We offer language classes in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish and English to children in PreK-5th grade.

How We Do Things Differently

youth learning

early language learning

  • We believe second language acquisition is paramount in this ever expanding globalized society, and the earlier children are immersed in a second language, the more likely they will acquire native-like pronunciation and use of the target language.
  • To give all children a chance at an early start, we offer language-learning scholarships to families in need.
  • Our classes are uniquely created to engage students as young as 3 years old.

learning through immersion

  • We offer a uniquely themed language camps during the summer.
  • Students and teachers use the target language for 80-90% of class time.
  • Parents, educators, and students can track student progress and language proficiency development through our individualized long-term educational sequencing plans designed to follow students as they progress through grades K-5.

exposure to cultures

  • Students learn to value the humanity of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • We provide authentic cultural learning through international student volunteers from the University of South Florida.
  • Students in our programs partner with diverse members of our local community  to develop and display captivating expressions of cultural arts.

engaging activities

  • We offer culturally enriching activities like:
    • Interactive Songs
    • Music         
    • Dance
    • Crafts
    • Role-playing
  • Total Physical Response Games
  • Virtual Pen Pals from countries around the world!

Why Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, & English?

Our Languages

“Learning a foreign language, and the culture that goes with it, is one of the most useful things we can do to broaden the empathy and imaginative sympathy and cultural outlook of children.”

Michael Gove Former Secretary of State for Education

There are approximately 6,500 languages in the world, so where does one start the journey? The U.S. department of National Security has named over 60 non-western languages as crucially needed languages for U.S. citizens to acquire. Among these are Arabic and Mandarin, both languages that we have chosen not only because of their designation but also because of the need to improve cultural relations and the sheer popularity of these languages in global affairs. We have also chosen to offer Spanish because, let’s face it, it is the unofficial second language of the U.S. and it would behoove many to acquire this language to remain competitive.

Finally, ReDefiners recognizes the importance of English as a global language and the need, that so many of our Elementary schools have, for English Language services for non-native speakers. We are a society of rich diversity, especially here in the Tampa Bay area, with speakers of various languages, all equally important. Monolingualism is a thing of the past, choose a language and let’s move forward together as we seek improved cultural relations and equal opportunity for all, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Our Amazing Team

Board of Directors

  • Christy Williams
    Christy Williams President

    “Learning another language opens the doors of friendship, empathy, and peace. It is essential that our children have the opportunity to explore themselves and others by crossing over the doorways and onto new paths.”

  • Fatima Raafat
    Fatima Raafat Secretary

    Fatima Raafat currently teaches at the Universal Academy of Florida. Fatima has been teaching the Arabic language for more than 15 years, and it is her native language. She’s been an active member in ACTFL (American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages).She has taught at all levels and interacted with students of many ages, along with parents from different backgrounds.

  • Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman
    Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman Board Member

    Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman is a 4th generation native of Tampa, Florida.  She is an Assistant Professor of Sociology with a joint appointment in the Institute for the Study of Latin America and the Caribbean at The University of South Florida, Tampa.


  • Tong Sun Lead Mandarin Instructor

    M.Ed Foreign Language Education

    University of South Florida

    M.A. Anthropology

    Chinese University of Hong Kong


  • Yexica Scott Lead Spanish Instructor

    Yéxica is an Ecuadorian who believes the interaction of cultures and nationalities brings us closer together.

  • Ke Cheng
    Ke Cheng Mandarin Instructor

    M.Ed Foreign Language Education

    University of South Florida

    Owner of Carnegie America Education

  • Yao Liu
    Yao Liu Mandarin Instructor

    Yao Liu is from China and currently doing her Ph.D. degree in USF.  Her Ph.D. program is Second Language Acquisition & Instructional Technology. She obtained her B.A. from Dalian Foreign Languages University in China, majoring in English Language & Literatures. She obtained her Master of Education (M.Ed.) from the University of Sydney in Australia.

  • Angela Ridesel
    Angela Ridesel Spanish Instructor

    Angela Riedesel is a licensed teacher with nine years of experience working with children of all ages. She graduated in Education from UNIFE in Lima, Perú. Ms. Riedesel loves teaching and I enjoy working with students while she is learning about them.

Organizational Staff

  • Chantelle Daniels Executive Director/Founder

    As a master educator in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT), she has over 10 years of teaching, non-profit work and international experience to guide her in leading the ReDefiners organization.

Our Documents

Official Incorporation

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Tax Exempt Status

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Language learning is about expanding opportunities

Languages are the key to redefining one’s future; we have so many more opportunities in our new globalized society through language education.

Chantelle Daniels Executive Director

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